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Soap. Quick, what did you just think of when you read that plain little unassuming word just now? Too much pressure? No problem, let’s try one more time: soap.

I’m guessing images of white or perhaps pale mint green bars floated across your periphery. Perhaps you even got a little crazy and conjured images of the liquid variety: the gelatinous squish of hand soap or the multi-hued bubbles of a kitchen sink full of suds.

But what if I told you that soap could evoke the salty-caramel aromas of a beach boardwalk on a summer day, the snap of a pickle, or the comfort of a hot bowl of mac-n-cheese — the perfect after-school snack on a chilly afternoon.

Sound crazy? Well maybe it is, a little. But here at LoveLeeSoaps, we believe that those little collections of suds and fragrances we use to get our bodies clean every day don’t have to be pedestrian or mundane — they can be more than unassuming rectangles of nothingness.

The only thing that equals our unparalleled commitment to redecorating your daily clean-machine routine is our unparalleled commitment to high standards. Each LoveLeeSoaps creation begins with only the best soap bases and fragrance oils. And while you may find birdies, robots and all manner of whimsy in your soap dish, we promise that if you stick to LoveLeeSoaps, what you’ll never find is sodium lauryl sulfate or other harsh foaming agents.

And because that bath or shower is not complete until you’re soft, smooth, and fully moisturized, LoveLeeSoaps also offers a delicious array of whipped body butters.

So whether you’re pampering yourself or putting together the best birthday, hostess, bridal or baby shower gift ever, look no further than LoveLeeSoaps for some good, clean fun. LoveLeeSoaps: putting the splash back in bath time.