Monday Madness – Soap Room (Part 1)

The post that so many of you have been waiting for is finally here! I have been teasing with sneak peeks for long enough. I am going to try my best to include where I purchased things but if there is something that I have missed and you would like to know just leave it in the comments and I will reply. :)

Last year started with a brand new website makeover and this year started with a whole new soap making room makeover. If you haven’t heard mom shouting from the roof tops I have removed all soap related things from the kitchen which was previously completely taken over by LoveLeeSoaps. I now have a soap making room and a separate room to store soaps, packaging supplies, and ship orders. Part 2 will include all the details of the packaging room.

Lets get started!


I started by painting 2 walls in the brightest sunshine yellow paint that I could find. It is super bright!


Next I painted a full wall with chalkboard paint. I plan on filling it with inspirational quotes like this one. :)



Once those walls were complete I took on the challenge of stripes! (I blame Pinterest) They were not easy but I LOVE the way that they turned out. They really stand out and I love how they match my logo colors. I also did an ombre design in the closet going from dark to light with the blue paint.


Next up were cabinets, counters, and my very own soap sink! Without my handy fiance this definitely would not have been able to happen. He did an amazing job!


My closet holds so much! I filled huge jars that I purchased from Walmart for only $9.99 each  with sugar and bath bomb making supplies.

Jars (in store only)


I purchased brown frames from the dollar store and painted each one with left over paint that was used for the stripes.


I printed each heart illustration on glossy paper from Online Labels and placed them in the matching frame.



1 copy

For the chalkboard wall I use chalk markers from Amazon. They are pricey but totally worth it! I also got the blue mixing bowl from World Market as a gift.


Blue Mixing Bowl


Next up was the curtains. I splurged on these to but I am so glad that I did. I came up the the custom design using my hearts and polka dots and had them printed with Spoonflower. I have purchased a few times from them and have never been disappointed.




I asked LoveLeeSoaps Facebook followers for input on what I should do for labeling and so many people suggested that I go with chalk labels. I love the idea of being able to switch things up so I started looking around.

107_6160 1 copy


I was thrilled when I found heart ones on Etsy. They are perfect! I purchased a set that included 6 large and 6 small for $8.99. You can use the chalk markers on them as well.

Chalk Labels


I purchased these white shelves from Ikea that work perfect displaying my fragrance oils. I got red baskets at Target for just $2.99 to hold sample fragrances.


Basket (in stores only)



Cutting Board 






Red Containers

Baskets (Target – In stores only)



Spice Jars – (Ikea – In stores only)



I got this handy magnetic knife rack from Ikea and it helps keep the counter clean and all my knives together.

Knife Rack 


I moved all my molds from the packaging room to the soap making room to make things more convenient.


Ice cream sticker – I got this from Hobby Lobby awhile back. I couldn’t find it online but hopefully they still carry it in stores.


Hanging tear drop terrarium 


I hope you enjoyed part 1. Be sure to look out for part 2 coming soon. I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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